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Poison Ivy & Other Plants to Avoid This Summer

Plants can brighten up a landscape, but some can be dangerous! This summer, AFC Urgent Care wants you to watch out for these poisonous plants, and to know what to do if you come into contact with them!

Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac are the big three when it comes to poisonous plants — […]

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Last Minute Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Time may be running short, but many of these healthy gifts can be gotten inexpensively… and at the drug store! Healthy gifts are in this year. Instead of spending a fortune on a Chia Pet and a video game, invest your hard earned money on gifts designed to keep your friends and family healthy and inspired. Trends […]

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Seven Ways to Get More Nutrients from Your Veggies

Many find that eating enough vegetables every day can be a pain. There’s a reason First Lady Michelle Obama has to encourage kids to eat their veggies; it’s not fun, and they just don’t seem to taste as good as a bag of chips or a slice of pizza. But for many of us, an […]

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Back to School: Staying Healthy In and Out of the Classroom

Back to School: Staying Healthy In and Out of the Classroom
Kids spend more time at school during the year than anywhere else, and while every parent knows the back to school season is filled with shopping excursions, new school supplies and other preparations, there is one other important thing many people forget. It’s time to […]

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Mosquito Prevention Tips

Along with backyard BBQs, pool parties, and trips to the park, summertime fun often comes with itchy, swollen hives caused by Mosquitoes. These pesky, blood-sucking insects cause skin irritation because their saliva triggers allergic reaction in most animals upon contact. Whether staying at home or traveling abroad, it’s important to avoid mosquito bites as much […]

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Summer Health Risks: Poison Oak, Sumac, & Ivy

When it comes to staying healthy in the summer, many people focus on things like sun damage, insect bites, and dehydration as the primary risks to their health and wellness. But when outdoor summer fun is on the mind, few remember to consider the risk of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac to their health. […]

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5 Gluten Myths Debunked

While there is a lot of talk about the ‘universal health benefits’ of going gluten-free, there are many aspects of the lifestyle that most people are still unsure or unaware about. We believe that there is some truth out there, but that it is also important to clear the air on some of the bigger […]

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Avoid Stomach Troubles While Overseas

Strolling the streets of Paris or taking in the scenery in the Greek islands are great ways to spend a summer vacation abroad. But with all the memories you’ll be making, don’t make the mistake of getting sick.

Going abroad comes with its own set of health dangers, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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Beat the Blues with These Mood Boosting Foods

Do you experience a sudden change in mood, concentration, or energy during the winter? Have you been feeling more lethargic, cranky, or depressed than usual? Though it’s completely normal to have a bad or off day – especially when in stressful situations – if your feelings of depression persist well into winter you may be […]

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Common Winter Health Complaints

February can be a bleak month, filled with gray, dreary days and chilly, blustery nights. While the chill in the air can’t be blamed for bugs going around the office or school, the cold itself can irritate the body, causing minor ailments.


Each winter season, doctors here at AFC/ find more and more patients complaining of […]

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