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The 2019 Flu Vaccine: What You Need to Know

You’ve probably been getting a flu shot since you were a child–for many as young as 6 months old. Today, that’s the age the CDC recommends children begin getting the annual vaccine. Not much changed about the vaccine you’ve been getting for ages until the flu begin to morph into different strains, requiring different vaccines.  […]

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Top 2 Ways to Keep the Flu Out of the Office

Flu season is in full swing, which means more sniffling and sneezing co-workers. Many see the flu as a minor distraction, but it can actually be very serious.  This year, about 20 percent of adults are expected to catch the flu. To reduce this number, here are the  two best ways to make sure the office flu […]

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This Years Flu Shot Expected to Be More Effective Than Last Years

The bad news: As many found out the hard way, last year’s flu shot wasn’t as effective as it’s been in previous years.

The good news:  This year’s version should do a much better job protecting people against the flu, federal health officials are saying.

An analysis of the most common strains of flu virus that are circulating in […]

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Let's Observe National Influenza Vaccination Week

December 7-13 is National Influenza Vaccination Week
If you have not already gotten your flu shot, we urge you to get it this week. We have heard that many of the clinics and drug stores have run out of the vaccine, but we still carry it at our Urgent Care Center in Danbury. If you are experiencing  flu like […]

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As Attention Continues to Focus on Ebola, Dr. Brown Urges Flu Prevention

In a recent interview with the Danbury Daily Voice, Dr. Brown had this to say about where our attention should be as the Ebola outbreak continues to frighten and grab our attention:

“Ebola is a terrifying disease, but it is statistically insignificant,” Dr. Tom Brown said about the threat of Ebola in the United States. But “we […]

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Is It Flu Or A Cold? A Danbury Urgent Care Medical Minute

Urgent Care Centers see many people walking in the doors who have flu-like symptoms and are asking the question “Is it flu or is it a cold?”

At  Danbury, we can test for influenza, and have created this Medical Minute video to help you identify if you are suffering from the flu or simply a […]

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