Thank you to Staff. This past Thursday, July 18th 2013, it was necessary for me to visit , an urgent care facility located at 2 Main Street, Danbury CT. The treatment I received was outstanding. I waited only a short time & filled out a patient information sheet & consent form. When I was escorted to one of the examination rooms, the nurse practitioner entered within a few minutes. I explained the reason for my visit. I was immediately given two tablets of Ondansetron to calm my upset stomach. In addition to contracting a virus, I was also very dehydrated. A member of the staff personally went to nearest store to purchase ginger ale & crackers for me. I rested in a comfortable room for a couple of hours & then instructed to return home & rest. This facility was a Godsend for me. They accepted my ConnectiCare Insurance, and I paid a $20.00 co-pay. PS. They even gave my husband a snack while he was waiting for me & put on the British Open on their TV for him to watch. Thank you for being there for me Express Doctors.

Barbara H.